Širine are located in the northwestern part of Baranja, in the Baranja lowlands microregion Eastern Croatian plains. They are located 4 km northeast of the municipal seat of Petlovac and 2 km west of the Beli Manastir, lying at an altitude of 94 meters. They are located on the right side of the road D517 between Beli Manastir and Petlovac, with the intersection of State Road D517 (Beli Manastir / D7 / - Belišće - Valpovo / D34), local road L44007 (Latitude - D517) and unclassified roads to the settlement Sudaraž.On census Širine are reported as part of the settlement of 1869 and for the years 1880, 1890, 1921 and 1931. The population included in the data for settlement Šumarina. In 1869, there were 121 inhabitants,1900y 194 inhabitants,1910y 190 inhabitants,1948y 537 inhabitants,1953y 322 inhabitants,1961y 306 inhabitants,1971y 311 inhabitants and 2001y 86 inhabitants.The economic basis of the Širine makes farming and livestock breeding. The settlement was the seat of the Belje agriculture in Širine.Today, 2017y the settlement is half-abandoned and half destroyed and has only 30 inhabitants.